Return to Kentucky

cruise ship vacation

The cruise was wonderful. It was just what I needed… pure relaxation. On the boat, cruisers are treated like babies… rocked to sleep each night, entertained constantly and fed every three to four hours. The only way to be bored is to choose to be that way. Eating that much (and that often) is nearly an Olympic event… and it’s exhausting. I’m afraid to step on the scale!

I slept most of the first two days (partly due to the fact that I was exhausted, partly due to the sea sickness). Being on the boat without the Internet and the cell and the daily demands forced me to wind down and relax. It was perfect for me.

If I cruise again, it will be a longer cruise (so losing a couple days to the queazies won’t be such an impact on the duration of the vacation). I think I might like to go to Alaska by boat sometime in the future. Other than that… I can take it or leave it where cruising is concerned. It was nice, and I’m really glad I did it, but I didn’t get to spend much time in either port.

I did manage to fulfil a many-year desire to snorkel in the Caymans. That was lovely. Byron and I visited the reef right off the shore and saw some beautiful fish. The flounder fish were probably the most interesting ones we saw and there were dozens of other brightly-colored fish darting about for our entertainment. One fish in particular decided to “adopt” us during our swim and stayed with us from the shore to the reef and all the way back. I’m not sure if he was our temporary pet, or if we were his. Either way it was cool.

I also picked up a new pet for myself in Florida (more on him later).

Right now, I’m up while the house is still quiet — because the kids are still sleeping. It was a great trip and I’ll have photos up a bit later. Today and tomorrow we will be lounging around the house and recuperating from our vacation. I’ll be back to work on January third. (I’m actually looking forward to it.)