It’s been awhile

It has been quite a few days since I’ve posted. This morning, the nice man from Duo-County came to the cabin on the lake to hook up my DSL. I’ve been without phone, without Internet, even without a cell signal for DAYS.

You don’t realize (or at least I constantly forget) how often I use the Internet… until it’s gone. I assumed that since I was moving, since I was not planning to work for clients, that I’d not miss it. I was wrong! Heck, I don’t even own a phone book anymore. I use the Internet for mapping, for grabbing bits of info I need on a daily basis, I use it for everything! And down here, even my iPhone won’t work. *sniff* So, I’m thankful to have it back even if all the kinks aren’t worked out yet.

The kids and I are (mostly) settled into our new (old) digs at the cabin by the lake. There was no way for me to complete the cabin on the farm in a timely fashion, so I took my parents up on the offer to crash at their cabin and work on my own cabin on the weekends. This way, I’ll not be in a situation where my dream cabin is being made just to “get by” simply so I can move in a bit sooner.

I was going to install floors I didn’t really want, light fixtures I didn’t really like and a number of other “make do” stop-gaps just so I could move in before Christmas. It means I’d not be happy with the outcome. It means it would cost me more. So, in a fit of reason, I decided to listen to my parents (someone should really call Ripley’s).

I took off the month of December from client work so I could make the move (my third in the last seven months!!) and try to get my life somewhat settled. Have I mentioned lately how much I despise moving?!?

Byron has completed his homebound work for this term and is staring to feel normal again. I still try to keep him as well rested as possible so he doesn’t relapse with the mono. Alex seems to have her health back and my Bronchitis is gone, except for a lingering cough — but nothing like I had before. The divorce was final on the 29th of November and I’m sure the life-stress has lowered immunities and encouraged all our illnesses to gain a foot-hold.

It’s been a tough year.

The good news is that we leave tomorrow morning for the cruise. I’m not packed yet, and neither are the kids — but at least I have managed to get us all “unpacked” from the move, so we can repack for the journey. (I’ll take my small victories where I can, at this point).

When we return, I should have some GREAT photos to share. I hope to come back rested, stress-free and ready to return to work with a renewed enthusiasm. That is the goal.

Getting the DSL hooked up before we leave helps me to feel more secure about returning to work without a hitch in January. I have Byron’s machine up and working (I’m typing on it now) and I have my tablet on the ‘Net. My Linux machine and Alex’s machine are both still giving me difficulty, but I’ll get that sorted out soon.

For now, things are going well. For now, I’ll not worry about January. For now… I’m going to quit typing a blog (and feeling guilty for not blogging after a full month of daily blogs) and I’m going to go in and begin packing my clothes for a more tropical climate. For now, I’m going to relax and be happy and not worry or fret about the future. For now, I’m going to simply BE.

Happy holidays!

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