Fantastic Friday Finds: Tiny Houses

I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of small spaces, not merely because I’m building one, but more because I thoroughly appreciate them. I love tiny spaces that are huge on benefit, utility and beauty. Design matters when you build small. Materials matter. Finishes matters. All the details matter.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a few tiny space concepts that I’ve recently discovered that have not yet reached WickedBlog’s pages:

The Tiny Zero House – a house that’s created to leave NO footprint, ecologically speaking. A  house filled with low-maintenance finishes, low energy alternatives and built in conservation features (like gathering rainwater on the photovoltaic cells that also creates the roofline). See it for yourself. Quite cool.

The Tiny Show House – a portable house for a mobile society. Mobile homes have really grown up and dressed up in the hands of designer Jennifer Siegal. Take a moment to look at her other creations — including mobile offices, commercial buildings and her own home on this website.

Floating Ecologically Sound Tiny Homes – not cheap, these little beauties from the Netherlands will rise as the ocean levels rise due to global warming. Nothing I’m ready to run out and try yet, but an interesting concept.

The Micro Compact Home – I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth a revisit if I have. I just love this little thing (a German design) for a single person — OK, a skinny single person without any tendencies toward collecting belongings. So cute, tiny and everything essential is covered. (Bring your own iPod/iPhone)

Tiny Texas Houses – alongside all the new-age, metal shipping containers and yes, even dwellings that hang as spheres in trees, we have this company that uses beautiful salvage materials to create tiny homes with huge appeal. They are all portable and can be built to spec. I particularly like the tiny chapel in their photo album. So sweet!