Everything about the bathroom sink

The most amazing thing happened during my work at the cabin last week. I bought a beautiful bathroom sink and cabinet. It has clean lines. It’s simple. It makes me happy. It’s nothing like the ugly one I thought I’d have to install to “get by” until I could find what I really wanted.

Nope, this one IS what I really want. And, I’ll replace the faucet and knobs when I have the time and the money to get exactly what I want there as well. I’m in no hurry on that one.

The amazing thing isn’t that I finally found the perfect sink, nor is it that I found it at Lowes, nor is it that it was on a “one day only” sale when I found it — saving me over $50.

Nope, the most amazing thing is that now, when I turn the handle, WATER actually comes out. Right there in my tiny little bathroom inside the cabin. Inside, I say! Yeah! Hi-hip hooray!

Now THAT is cool.

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