If it’s not strep, it’s mono

My son has now been diagnosed with mono to go with the strep he’s just recently had. So now, he’s off school for an additional two weeks. He was off for several days with the earlier diagnosis of strep.

I’m worried about him losing this much time in school. Tomorrow I’ll need to go down to the school and try to set up whatever needs to be done to keep him on track. As a senior, it could impact his graduation if he doesn’t get back to class soon.

As it is, he will be still in the “recovery” phase of mono when we plan to go on the cruise. I think the whole timing for the move, the change in schools, the cruise, the holidays and the myriad of other complications lately, in addition to the stress has landed him in this shape.

Alex now has a cold that seems to be never ending and over the weekend, I caught it from one of my little typhoids. Some days being a mother is full of wonder, worry and guilt — not to mention other challenges. I hope he recovers soon, he’s kind of pitiful right now.

It will be 2008 soon, right? And this is going to get better, eh? Just humor me — and say “yes.”