My Internet addiction and related desires

At this point, I’m actually looking forward to renting an office and NOT having the Internet at home for a few months. I want to know how it feels to NOT be able to run and look up whatever flits across my mind at any time of the day or night. I have no self-control when it comes to learning. I will get up out of a dead slumber to run downstairs and look up something if it occurs to me in the middle of the night.

I’m spoiled.

I want to know the answer NOW to any question I have. I’m a ‘net baby. I need to break the habit. It needs to be more purposeful and less automatic. I need to read more and search online less — at least while I’m at home.

I want to reclaim my life a bit. A return to a home that’s Internet free may help me to recognize how pervasive the problem really is and to reset my view of it. Doing without will probably do more to help me regain control than any other single thing I can do. I’ll be without on the ship, when I return from vacation, I’ll be moving to the farm without Internet. It’s a good segue to a new phase in my life. It’s all good.

Of course, that concept makes some material desires much more prominent now than they were when I thought I’d have Internet available. For instance, I’ve been working with online dictionaries only for a couple years. My DREAM, however, is to own an full OED (Oxford Engish Dictionary). It’s up to twenty volumes now. It is right at a grand to own, six times that for a a leather (*salivate*) version.

While perusing the reference/writing section at Joseph-Beth over the weekend, I found a “Shorter Oxford Engish Dictionary” — that’s actually what they call it. And my desire hit a fevered pitch. Granted, it’s not the REAL deal, but it’s a great stop-gap.

I think I may have found what I’ll buy for my birthday this year. Just maybe. It’s cheaper on Amazon and I could then buy the matching Oxford Thesaurus to go alongside this two-volume dictionary set for less than Joseph-Beth charges for the dictionary alone (which is $175).

How can I go wrong with a great, solid Oxford dictionary? :O) And it will get me by until I am rich enough to afford the whole 20-volume set!