Amazon’s Kindle: Cool, pricy concept for ebooks

I just tripped across the latest in a series of ebook reader devices. This Kindle ebook reader from Amazon seems to be a bit more thoughtfully designed than previous incarnations from other manufacturers. For instance, I like the wireless (and free) access to download ebooks and periodicals, to look up things in the Oxford English Dictionary online, and to view the world of Wikipedia without cell phone charges from any location.

It looks like a great tool for readers and writers alike. The reported battery life rocks!

What I do wonder is if it’s worth $400+ and if carrying yet another electronic device is something that I really want to do. I know I’m forever looking for an “all-in-one” and that makes me jaded. But with the tablet and the iPhone, I’m just not sure how much this device would bring to my entertainment arsenal. Of course the iPhone doesn’t really do ebooks well and the Tablet is heavy (comparatively speaking) and doesn’t even touch the battery life of the smaller, lighter Kindle.

I’ll probably wait for a price drop or a designated need before investing in this latest gadget, but if anyone out there has it, or gets it, I’d love to know your impressions.