A trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum

Brittney and Byron at Cincinnati Art Museum Alex at the museum

Byron’s Art Club took a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum Saturday. Some of the parents went and I took Alex and Brittney along with us just for kicks. It was a wonderful day. The museum was enjoyable and when we returned to town we went to Joseph-Beth Booksellers and enjoyed a Mocha Latte and browsed the stacks.

I love bookstores. I love art museums. It was a good day spent surrounding myself with creative endeavours of all types. Quite inspiring. I also had great company.

Lunch (a double-decker Ruben from Izzy’s) was great. Byron and I shared one. The evening meal, however, was a little Mediterranean place that Byron and I had wanted to try.

I consider myself to have a nearly iron stomach and I’m still not fully recovered from that experience. Simply put, the food was horrid. Adding the lattes on top of the overly spiced and smoke flavored and overly vinegared foods was not the best decision I’ve ever made. Brittney reacted most adversely to the evening meal. Byron and I both felt a bit queasy too. Alex, in fine form as usual, didn’t seem to blink.

But, later that evening when I asked Alex what she had learned from the day out, her response was, “I learned that art can be really cool and Mediterranean food can be really disgusting.” ‘Nuff said.