Finally, productivity soars!

I’ve had some pretty unproductive days in recent weeks. It seems that I spend much of my time chasing my proverbial tail. I start to work on a project and find that I have to go do a couple other things to finish that project, and then one or two more things for each of those things — and so it goes.

Life, lately, has kind of been like that math problem from grade school:

If a frog in a well 200 feet deep jumps up one foot and slides back two, how long before it wants to shoot itself and fall bleeding into the water below?

Yeah, it’s kinda been like that. Now I know that trying to move a family, time a cruise, put the kids in a new school, sort out legal issues, pay property taxes, finish building a cabin, learn to plumb, learn to lay tile and install and learn a new operating system on my work computer is one way to stack the cards against myself in the “success” arena.

Sometimes I don’t know what possesses me to decide to change everything in my life when I get hit with one thing (usually something out of my control) that must change. But, that seems to be my standard response. It’s like I decide THIS is the opportunity to completely overhaul my life. And I do.

Of course they say that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I’m titanium now. Or maybe I’m a zombie — and just haven’t realized it yet.

So, today was finally productive. REALLY productive. It was nice. It felt good. And it gives me hope that I may now be back on track and able to have a couple productive days in a row. That’s my goal for next week. One step at a time, eh? One step at a time…