Depressing, appropriate quote of the day

Yesterday, I was in shock to learn how many of my family members (on my Mother’s side) have MySpace pages. I dunno why, but (before yesterday) I would have been willing to bet cold, hard cash that my maternal aunts didn’t even KNOW about MySpace, other than maybe a passing mention by the teenagers in the family.

Then, I look up my cousin who is serving the Army (and is currently stationed in Afghanistan) — he has a MySpace page, which didn’t surprise me. And who do I find? A whole slew of family members!

In the wake of all this shock, I found this quote on a MySpace page belonging to one of my cousins:

“I gave my life to learning how to live. Now that I have organized it all… it is just about over.”

-Sandra Hochman

Honestly, that just depresses me. That IS me. How horrid. I think I need to go find chocolate now. Maybe a nap would help. *sigh*