Tiny House: How much stuff is too much?

As I prepare to move again, I look around and wonder… how much of this stuff is actually adding to my quality of life and how much is detracting from it? I pack, and pack and pack some more. It’s exhausting. And I’m moving into a tiny cabin, so I’m not sure where it’s all going to go.

I go to my “misc. electronics” bins (I have two of them in my office supplies cabinet) and I wonder if I really need all these adapters, power cords, extra USB cords and hubs. I think not, but every time I’m ready to get rid of something from these bins, I end up needing it.

I look at my DVD collection — as I packed it last week — and I wonder how many movies a single person needs to own. I sorted out and pared down recently — removing over 400 disks from my DVD collection alone. I’ve sold a few of them, but still have more I need to handle. The ones I’ve pulled didn’t even make a dent in the collection.

I briefly considered consolidating my library into those huge 300-disk notebooks. But, good sense got the better of me. I did that with my CDs (before I ripped them all to MP3 formats) and I found that they got scratched inside the non-standard sleeves.

I think going with a desktop computer will eliminate much of my “extra” stuff and my peripheral devices — but I’m not quite ready to retire my Tablet PC yet. Ironically, I’m currently salivating over a mini-computer that I saw (a custom build) in Popular Mechanics along with a 2 terabyte drive. I think I’m hopeless.

Granted, as a matter of course I have fewer “things” than most people — but it’s still too much to juggle and far too much to pack, yet again, for a move. I know that I’m happier when there is less. I know that, and yet I still buy “stuff.” It seems to be a self-defeating behavior and it seems to be habitual.

I’d like to free myself of all the stuff I juggle, without diminishing my enjoyment. I’d like to have less and enjoy more… now all I need to do is figure out how to accomplish that. (Any suggestions are welcome!)

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