Slick Saturday Sites: Creative Web Development

Slick Saturday Sites Logo By More cool blogs and useful websites for your viewing pleasure. Today’s selection is for those creative types who design and personalize their own websites and those who help others develop unique websites.

These sites offer tools, tips, tricks and even creative motivation for web workers. Feel free to share your own favorite sites!

A list apart – A site “for people who make websites” that goes beyond the mechanics of coding and delves into the creativity required to conjure up an innovative website manifesto! Great for helping to get your creative juices flowing, for reminding you why you took a creative career path and … when the creativity is at a standstill… it’s a great distraction with valuable information you are certain to use later, when your muse returns.

Creating Passionate Users – Although this blog is no longer kept up to date, it still has a great deal of wonderful information. If you want to make your sites (or your clients’ sites) sing a little louder than the competition, read here.

Web Strategy by Jeremiah – A blog on the web and the tools that help you reach your clients (and ways to help your clients reach their own customers). Topics include SEO, the blogging and citizen journalism, social media, search strategy, online networking and even Second Life.