Calling Cards as the New Business Card

Simplicity is the key to effective communication. When you give someone your business card, you want them to remember your name, what you do and be able to contact you (or recommend you to someone else). You also hope that your meeting (in person or virtual) is a memorable one.

If you have a business website or a blog site, you don’t need to go into detail on your business card, you just need to give them a way to get more information. That’s enough.

I’ve dropped using a physical address on my own business cards. After all, in my business, does it really matter where I live and work? Nope. It only matters that people can call me, email me and visit me online to learn more — if they are so inclined.

I like the concept of the old “calling cards” used during the Victorian era. It is mannerly, it is refined, it is intriguing, and it is uncompromisingly “proper.” (Learn more about the proper use of calling cards from the distant past and the meanings of calling card use.)

In addition to my penchant for technology, there is a very large part of my spirit that longs for the simple joy of exquisite papers and high-quality ink. The calling card (or creative business card) is one of the places where these two loves meet and mate.

The following sites offer some new, more creative and edgy ways to create a personalized calling card approach, while observing a reasonable budget: – interesting, colorful and impactful calling cards personalized for you. (Cost: $55 for 100)

Moo Cards – these tiny cards simply fascinate me. I’ve not ordered any yet, but it’s on my list of things to do (and my son wants some to serve as a calling card for him and his blog). (Cost: $19.99 for 100)

Victorian styled calling cards – if you want the look and feel of the old fashioned calling card, or if these styles suit your business style, consider these affordable options. (500 for $39.95)

A number of other blogs that have collected great business card designs. You may want to visit a couple I’ve found like the one on or the one on Go. Visit. Get your creative juices flowing! And if you are the visual type, visit the Flickr Business Card Collection for additional inspiration.

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