Going With Paper

Are you a paper person living in a digital world? Are you (like me) a technology geek who also likes the feel of high quality paper, the smell of ink on a freshly printed page, and you don’t really mind if a drop of ink goes awry, so long as you can use a fountain pen to do all your long-hand writing?

Although it’s been put temporarily on hold, I’m still fleshing out my perfect paper system to compliment my digital life. I’ve collected a few resources along the way and I thought I’d go ahead and share them. Maybe you can use them while I tie up my lose ends, finish my cabin and move my family back to the farm.

Once that’s all done, I’ll probably pick this project back up and run with it. After all, moving back toward paper calls to me — and I usually listen to such things.

At the very least, you may want to consider these paper options for presentation folders for your most important real estate listings!

I’ve decided to create my own notebook, mine is probably going to have a leather cover that will open up flat and I’m going to fill it with luxury papers for my more creative and “tactile” moments and a nice plain white cotton rag paper for everyday use. I just love paper!

Disk Bound Notebook Vendors:

http://www.myndology.com – Bright colors for even brighter ideas. These jewel tones and candy colors come in several shapes and sizes. They also offer a 3×5 notebook cover and filler for the Hipster PDA folks out there.

http://www.Levenger.com (circa Notebooks) – Nice leather covers and optional fillers in a multitude of layouts. Also offers pricey paper punch to create your own filler papers.

http://www.rollabindsystems.com – The most economical version of the disk-bound and reorganizable (is that a word?) notebook format. The offer both tame and bold colors — I may get a bright purple polyethylene cover to slip inside my leather notebook organizer. They also offer a portable and a desk version of the paper punch. (Note for real estate agents – check out the presentation folders and the sales rep kit.)

http://adocsystems.com/site – European sizes in the disc binding style.

http://www.c-lineproducts.com/bindbuild.html – Binder Builder Collection – a cheaper option to try it out, but doesn’t offer the punches and the accessories that other systems offer. It’s hard to determine from online photos if this system will mesh with any of the other systems. (Note: They do have a nice binder for 3×5 cards.)

If you want to compare the discs between Rollabind and Circa systems, Kristina Hartman has created a PDF which compares and contrasts the two.

Want a less expensive way to have all the graph paper you need for your projects, notebooks and planners? Visit Incompetech’s Free Online Graph Paper/Grid Paper PDF site. While there, you may want to consider creating some monthly calendars to fit your current agenda or you may want free custom-sized annual calendars.

Great Luxury Stuff, Bargain Prices

http://stores.ebay.com/levenger-outlet – An ebay outlet for Levenger’s stuff! Some of it has monograms, some has been used as a store display, some of the items are returns or discontinued items. All are Levenger-cool!

When I get back in the swing of the paper-switch, I’ll probably have more resources to share, but this should be enough to get you started.