Making A Fresh Start: Good Blogging with WordPress

If you are building your first independently hosted blog for your real estate business and you have decided to go with WordPress, you have already made a great decision.

Now, there are some other items to consider:

Niche your blog from the beginning – Look at your business, your current market and the portions of that market that you find most enjoyable and profitable. That’s what the powerhouse posts on your blog should address. A few random posts occasionally are ok, but too many and you dilute the value of your blog for those seeking the information you offer. You also lose SEO impact.

Select an appropriate URL – Your blog title should be reflected in your URL … exactly like it appears in your address bar. This name should also reflect what you offer and your niche. For instance isn’t as effective if your niche is Condos. Consider: It’s shorter, it’s rhyming and therefore easier to remember and it’s going to help with your main keywords Condo (topic) and St. Antonio (Geography).

Stick with it – Once you have selected a blog name and a URL buy it (even if you aren’t ready to start blogging now). And keep it. Don’t change. Once you begin building your brand, it will take heavy hits if you get divergent and take a different road (Trust me on this one, I’ve done it!)

Build a resource – over the long haul, you need to use your niche to create a site that’s relevant to your core demographic and is an essential resource. One of the best I’ve ever seen on that path is Lorelle’s WordPress site. Everything you ever wanted to know about WordPress (including the stuff you won’t dig out for yourself from the Codex) can be found on this charming woman’s heavily niched blog.