Accounting, how do I love thee?

type.gif This weekend, I met with my favorite book keeper. Despite the differences in our talents, I still like her. I met with her for three days to get my books switched over to a new system. Few things in life leave me as cold, frustrated and “put upon” feeling as having to do the books. Did I mention that my old MS Accounting program doesn’t offer a standard “export” format? Did I mention that everything had to be converted ONE LINE AT A TIME for the ENTIRE YEAR TO DATE?!?!

I despise accounting. I think I would rather have splinters shoved under my fingernails than have to endure accounting. I hate it. Having to do it makes me hate life. I simply can’t overstate this fact.

However, I do now have a Linux accounting program, GNUCash, up and running. I actually got my invoices out this morning as a result. I have quite a bit more to do to get everything to balance properly. We still have some things to tweak before my even less favorite activity (filing taxes) comes due.

The program is going to work ok, but there are certain features that I wish it had. Or, maybe it DOES have them and I just can’t figure them out. There should be drop down menus for clients (without having to go through an extended lookup process every time). There are several things that would shorten the required processes in this program that I would fix, if I were on the development team. I’ll probably submit my suggestions when I’m less irritated with the entire reality of having to keep my books.

I wish there was an easier way to get this portion of the business done. There are those people who like crunching numbers and then there is me. As an adult, it would seem that I could minimize those activities that I hate in my life. It seems that there would be a better, more simple way to approach this. Alas, there isn’t.

For all the wonderful things I enjoy about being self-employed, this is my payment. This is my pound of flesh. *sigh*

Now, I go to try to complete the items still on my list from my book keeper. Now I go back to the grind.

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