Running Water On the Farm!

It’s Fall! This weekend, the colors were astounding. I think this weekend was the peak for this year. The cold snap last week brought out the fire in the leaves on the farm. It was quite a show. Simply beautiful.

Over this long weekend (the kids had Thursday and Friday off school for Fall Break), my father came down to the farm and we worked to get running water on the farm.

Happily, the well pump is working and the water is just as cold and clear and wonderful as it always was.

We don’t have water circulating in the house yet, but we have it coming in and going to the pressure tank. We did most of the plumbing for the drainage system and the electric is now ready to go on the on-demand water heater.

I’m considering a composting toilet system, but haven’t made that decision yet. I’m not sure if I want to work that hard to do what I can do now with a single “flush” — but I like the ecological approach better.

We are working with construction electric at the moment and I’ll need to have permanent electric before I can get hot water. The on-demand heater requires quite a bit of juice. For now, we are working to get that final approval.

Next weekend, the kids and I will be going down again. I hope to finish up the last of the plasterboard and get the patching complete as well as installing the rest of the electrical outlets.

If Pops can go with us, we may work on getting the incoming water system working instead. Byron and I can do most of the plaster and the outlets ourselves, but we are going to need help on the plumbing.

Alex has been a great help, getting tools and parts for us while we were under the house. She’s little and can get around much easier than those of us who are older and more … ahem…larger in all ways. She didn’t want to leave the farm last night to return to Lexington. She can’t wait to live there again.

Byron has given notice at his work and Friday is his last day. I hated to see him give up his job (he loves the work), but I do need the help now and he wants to be there working along side me as we finalize the cabin.

There’s a list a mile long and we hope to be in by the first of the year. I’m worried that we have an overly ambitious schedule, but a short burst of high stress now promises to deliver a more relaxed life thereafter.

Soon, I hope to quit trading my present in the hope of a better future — in just about 60 days… a little less now. I’m more than ready to live in the now. I’m tired of waiting.

Soon, I’ll be working during the week and on the weekends I’ll be sitting on the front porch swing, wrapped in a down throw, sipping coffee and realizing how good it is to finally be back home.

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