Real Estate Service: An Oxymoron?

Russell Springs Kentucky - Russell County KY Nope, not always. (But it is much more often than it should be!)

I just spoke with Russell Springs broker and real estate agent Kim Byrom of Lake Cumberland Properties who is the first real estate agent that actually tried to help me find a new office space. She is NOT the first one I contacted. In the future, she will be.

Kim asked qualifying questions, got my name and number and said she would give me a call back. I believe her. I told her how much I appreciated her help and that she was the first real estate agent of the five I’d contacted that was interested in helping me. She said that most of the office space rentals were not listings so she helped people as a public service. She went on to say that it strengthened the community… etc, etc.. and I found myself in awe. She said all the right things. She’s service-centric! I love it.

Yes, I work with Real Estate agents all day, every day. Yes, my own clients are overboard on the customer service. That’s one of the reasons I work with them instead of working with other agents and brokers in their zip code.

But locally, it’s always been hit and miss with real estate service and it was really nice to talk to Kim after what I’d endured on this one inquiry already today. It was refreshing and I told her so.

I’ve been on the phone most of the day today trying to locate some office space in Russell County and the quest actually started last week when I went into one real estate office, which will go unnamed here. Despite the fact that they were offering office space for rent on a sign outside, there was no one there who had any answers on if the empty office was for rent or not. I left my business card and requested a return call (even over the weekend) when the broker, who made those decisions, returned to the office.

That was last Thursday.

Today, I called back. He was not in. I asked for his cell phone number. I was told he was not currently available. I asked when he would be available. I was told “probably on Thursday.” I identified myself and noted that I was interested in renting the office space. I was told that they had given him my message

The person on the phone laughed while reporting that he had been given my message and had said, “Oh really?!?”

But no call. And still no one who could answer if the office space advertised outside their own building was for rent or not and how much is might cost if it were. *GRRrrr*

I’m headed back to live on the farm soon — which is located right on the Russell County/Casey County line in South central KY.

After talking to the local provider, Windstream, (*makes faces*) and remember the fun I had with them back when they were Alltel and even before that when they were calling themselves Verizon… I found out that they are not (and probably will never be) offering DSL out where I live on the farm.

No big surprise there. I may try the satellite thing again, but my recent research indicates that the satellite is oversold for the area and that most satellite service now is slower than standard dial-up. Yipee! Just what I need!

Since I would like to keep the hair I currently have in my head exactly where it grows, I’m seriously considering moving my business office to Russell Springs. That means I’d have to start DRIVING to work, but at least I wouldn’t have to drive far. I must have DSL. I must.

I have called Duo-County Telephone (the best DSL service I’ve ever had, BTW) and they have told me that they can’t cross the county line to provide me service since Windstream is already there — and that, no, failure to provide decent service doesn’t release them from that restriction.

So that means I’ll have to travel to have DSL. I’m considering either renting space outright (afterall, I don’t need alot of office space to do my work). I’m also considering renting a slot in a cute little Lake RV spot and moving Serenity (my Airstream mobile office) to that location to do business during the day.

I have a price on the RV place already, but was hoping to be able to find a cheaper option for a single office in town a bit closer to the farm than the RV place is.

All I need is enough space for a desk (maybe two) and a phone line, DSL line and a potty. With that, I’m set! And IMHO, that should take about 1 hour on the phone to nail it all down and to schedule the install and move my business. But no… it’s taken all day and I still don’t have an answer.

I did have another agent who just returned my call, Brian Walters, who was quite nice but I don’t have a place to hang my shingle yet and there are so many other things I need to do between now and the move back to the farm.

This one should be simple, but it’s not.