Things I’ve Learned About Linux Lately

I’m brilliant. I’ve learned so very much about Linux in the last few weeks. Every day I learn something new and exciting. For instance, I’ve learned that you don’t want to go and uninstall things you don’t personally use… or THINK that you don’t personally use.

Case in point… Just because you don’t plan to learn to program in Python doesn’t mean you can safely remove that from your list of programs in Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

Nope… not at all… ’cause that leads to a whole avalanche of uninstalled programs including (but not limited to) everything you consider essential in the Linuxverse. Yes, Virginia, even your KDE desktop.

And, once that’s over — while you watch in horror without the benefit of a “please stop the madness and cancel this stupidity I requested” button — you have to use command lines, no matter how few you have in your arsenal, to try and pick your way out of the hole you dug.

A friend of mine sent me a great definition of this particular problem called Dependency Hell from Wikipedia.

Now, on a bright note… I’ve learned to completely reinstall my OS on designated partitions of the hard drive so this should (probably) never happen to me again. Not more than a few dozen more times, anyway.

So I’ve learned something… actually alot of somethings.

I’m less worried about poking at my OS, now that I know I can replace it with a reinstall a little quicker. After all, every time I blow it out of the water, I get it reinstalled a little faster than I did last time. I usually create the meltdown by thinking to myself “I wonder what will happen if I do *THIS*” and then following that thought to its natural (and stupid) conclusion — action.

I’ve managed to get most of it back from the most recent debacle. I lost a week of emails and had to request that clients resend them. Several of them snickered at me. (One offered to help me find my way back to the “window.”) That one week of email is the only real loss I suffered and now I think I have that file added to my daily backup list.

When learning Linux — you NEED a daily backup list! (I’ve learned that too.) Yup, I’m brilliant.

What I haven’t figured out is how to “reassign” my desktop location. Sounds simple, but it’s not. I restored my Home folder in Kubuntu from the awesome new 8 gig flash drive that I’ve been using to backup all the files on my Linux machine. (Admit it geeky reader, you covet my flash drive!)

That worked great, except for the Thunderbird profile — which was in a hidden file and therefore didn’t get saved. And except for the fact that when it asked me if I should write over the desktop that existed with the restored desktop, I said yes. Stupid.

That was simply stupid.

Now, I have to go into my home folder to access the stuff that should be displayed on my desktop. The desktop I see is just useless. It’s dead and lifeless. I’ll probably figure it out eventually, or I’ll reinstall the OS again when I screw up a few more things… but if anyone wants to help out a Linux n00bie who is simultaneously stupid and brilliant… I wouldn’t turn down the assistance.