One Password to Rule them All

KeePass Logo I finally made the switch from my paid password manager program, eWallet (which I loved, but which doesn’t offer a Linux version), to a nice freebie program, which I find quite palatable.

I keep up with far too many username/password combinations, logons and critical (but sensitive) information in my work-a-day world to try to remember them all. Unlike many people, I don’t keep all passwords the same — that’s too risky.

Granted, I had to copy all the information from the old program to the new one (which was a royal pain and took me a couple hours), but now I have all my information on a new program that will work on Windows, Linux, or even on a flash drive! If you are ready (or past ready) for a new way to handle all your sensitive information, you may want to try this one-stop solution. Then, no matter where you go, or what operating system you use, it will probably work for you.

The product is called KeePass. It’s available on the KeePass website and is also automatically loaded as a program option on Kubuntu Linux (called KeePassX). It’s a pretty sweet little solution for your password management issues. There are even versions for portable apps, Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC, etc.
I probably access mine over a dozen times a day.

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