Software Essentials for Freelance Outsourcing

I’ve been looking for a Linux alternative to my current, beloved, timer program. Although I’ve not found what I’m looking for there, I have found a couple of fantastic resource lists that I’d like to share. They are lists of 100 software options for the “mission critical” stuff all remote professionals need. Lots of options here, and I’m seriously considering a couple of the web based versions to meet my needs rather than locating Linux friendly programs for everything.

I have always hesitated to have my mission critical stuff on web-based apps — but I’m beginning to embrace it. I’m using Basecamp now and I must say that I like it, I’m also poking around at Highrise, so I’m probably going to investigate othersimilar online options as well. I’m just not quite ready to turn over my timer and my accounting to an online web app. Not quite yet. I’m too much of a control freak for that — I want my data on my computer!

But if you are seeking a better way to do anything as a freelancer or as an outsourcing provider of any type — full-time or part-time — these resources may be just what you need… The Freelancer’s Toolset – not only a great collection of tools for those independent types among us, but also a great site for other resources. All the listings here are web-based apps, so they are OS independent.

101 Essential Freelancing Resources (update 5/2010 – site no longer available) – Great list of mostly web-based apps with a few Mac and Windows programs. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much for computer-resident Linux programs here, despite the fact that this is on a “Linux Blog” — *sigh* — I guess the web based apps would work. I do LOVE the description on WordPress, however. :O)

Both lists contain enough of those resources that I know and love and use and trust… that I’ll be looking at more that they recommend. If you are a working “solopreneur” and want some options, check these out!