I Hate Windows

I’ll be glad when I can say (with a great deal of pomp and circumstance), “I don’t DO windows!” For now, I’m struggling with a damaged operating system that is giving me fits. I’ve not been writing in my blog, I’ve not been getting all my work done. Nope, I’ve been trying to limp along Windows on my Tablet PC (my primary machine) until I could either reinstall the entire OS, or until I could get a Linux box up and running. I tried a repair install last week to get me by. It didn’t.

As it is, I did manage to get an old laptop up and running with Linux over the weekend. I must say that, despite the frustrations of learning a new way of handling the operating system on a computer, I do love what I’m seeing with the Linux install.

What I don’t like is trying to figure out how to make all my essential programs work on Linux. It’s a bit frustrating. However, I’m making great progress and I think that having two systems up and running may truncate my 2-year plan to get to Linux.

I’m using the Ubuntu Linux flavor and it’s amazing how much of it just WORKS. Linux has come a long way since I tried it several years ago. Much less is required on the user end to make a system work. So, while I sit here waiting for my Windows to reinstall, at least I can find the time (and now have the tools) to do a bit of blogging.

I’ll keep you informed as this project moves forward.

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