Free iPhone Games For My Pop

My father got an iPhone from my mother this year for his birthday (Happy B’day, Pops!) I can’t believe my non-geeky mother bought this piece of equipment. What’s even more unbelievable is that she likes it too and (methinks) wants one of her own! This, gentle reader, is the power of the iPhone… to convert to technology the unconvertable (namely, my mother).

So, Pops is spending the wee hours of the morning finding all the cool stuff online and on the phone itself. I’ve found a few cool new things for him that I’ll share with my readers here…

I didn’t do the Friday Fantastic Finds (I was busier than usual this week), so I thought I’d offer up these iPhone games today.

Also, there are rumors that Nintendo will be offering games utilizing the touch screen features of the iPhone via iTunes in the near future — but those won’t have the attractive “free” price sticker. Estimates have them going for nearly $30 each.