My Holiday Plans

This year is slip-sliding toward the finish line and I’m always amazed that every year dissolves so quickly. I’m equally amazed that each year gets faster — or my memory is getting faulty and it only SEEMS faster than the previous year.

I would be depressed, as I usually am when this hits me, but I’m planning a wonderful vacation in December and that’s keeping me on track. With something as fantastic as a cruise in the near future, it’s so much easier to focus on getting things ready to go!

So, while everyone else is stressing out about the holidays, I’m taking my family on a ship and literally sailing away. I expect this to be the most enjoyable, most hassle-free holiday in years — and I can’t wait!

My youngest son will be in college next year, so this is the last chance to do a family vacation with him and my daughter before his real life cuts into my time with him.

A funny thing happened when I told Jodi Diehl I’d be out of pocket in late December, she confided that she’d already booked a November trip (also a cruise) for her family. She’s skipping out on the Thanksgiving pressures!

I’ll return from the trip just as the New Year arrives, and that means I’ll return well-rested and actually READY for a new beginning. Won’t that be novel?