In Praise of Chocolate

pikebarmain.jpg Ok, I don’t usually praise chocolate… at least not in public.

I usually praise it quietly, at home, when no one is looking. After all, everyone knows that chocolate eaten alone doesn’t contain any calories — so that’s how I prefer to ingest mine. My love affair with chocolate is a private thing. Until recently…

I like trying new types of sparkling water and I like trying new types of dark chocolate. I’ve found a few pretty good treasures during these explorations… but the most recent and unexpected one came from (of all places)… Walmart.

It’s made by Seattle Chocolates and is called a “Pike Place Espresso Truffle Bar.” This all-natural dark chocolate “espresso infused” delight is nothing short of “OMG” chocolate. So, if you (like me) usually like the really expensive chocolates and feel that the grocery-store versions are like barely getting by… try this Seattle Chocolate bar. It is wonderful.

I just looked the company up online and have found a whole new range of their products I now plan to try. Of course their website is in sad need of an update… but, judging from their products, they are busy making treats instead of updating websites.

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