Slick Saturday Sites: Better at Second Glance

Slick Saturday Sites Logo By Today, I’d like to share a couple great sites sites that are cool in their own right and are cool because of the entertaining product descriptions and the unexpected resources that spring spontaneously from them via comment fields.

So if you want to branch out from the product overload of Amazon and eBay, try on these single-shot sites!

Woot! – If you aren’t currently checking out Woot! on a daily basis, you must be living under a rock! Come out from under there and go grab a gander at the wonders of Woot!

If you are a small business owner or a geek at heart, you MUST place this little gem in your Firefox browser bar folder. Keep it where you will remember to check it every morning after booting your computer, but before taking that first sip of coffee. There are great buys on a slew of cool tools and gadgets. They offer only one item each day and when they are sold out, they are finished for the day. Note: the only exception is Two-for-Tuesdays, when they offer two of the same product for one low price. Cool marketing concept and great fun for those “Wooters” among us.

Bonus: The product descriptions are worth the daily visit. These are probably the most creative and entertaining (and often far-out) descriptions for products that I’ve ever seen. When I grow up… I want to write product descriptions for Woot! ;o)

GAOTD – Give Away of the Day – as the name indicates, this is a daily freebie site. The site offers software from leading publishers each day – one and one only each day. Visitors can download the full versions of the daily offer to enjoy at no cost and without commitment of any kind.

The good stuff? It’s a fully functional piece of software for you to use forever for free.

The catch? You must download, install and activate it on the giveaway day. Support is not offered by the company on the freebies (although many vendors have forums and support FAQs online). You must pay for any upgrades and when you buy a new computer (or wipe and re-gen your old system) the software is lost forever. You must shell out the bucks to purchase the software if you want it again.

Bonus: The rating scale encourages comments from people who have downloaded and used the freebies. Although many contributors are cranky (and sometimes whiny), there are others who offer free and open-source programs that do the same or better jobs than the vendors’ products. When I’m looking for a specific program to do a specific job, I often go to GAOTD to research which open source programs others are using with success. GAOTD keeps an archive of expired offers — including these hidden treasure comments!