Crafting Content for the iPhone

img_5013.JPG I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about how to make sure websites are mobile-friendly and, in particular, how to make them iPhone friendly.

Sure, there are lots of mobile devices out there (and I’ve owned quite a few myself) but none have the kind of market saturation that is expected for the iPhone. So, as a website owner, I’m interested in how to make my sites more iPhone friendly and will encourage my clients to do the same for their sites.

If you want to read more on this topic for your own site, consider the following resources:

Put Your Content in My Pocket – A great article (part one of two) by Craig Hockenberry. Gives you the specifics on making your content iPhone friendly, warns against using flash in your site design (something I’ve avoided for years — and have encouraged others to avoid) and gives a few resources for those planning to tweak their site for the iPhone market. I’m looking forward to part two!

Apple’s Own Directions – Apple offers a section of their website on how to develop applications specifically for use on the iPhone, including a section on how to make your own website Safari Compatible with a WebKit.

MyiTablet – Dubbed as a website for “Apple iPhone and the Ultra Mobile Community” this site offers a number of tips, tricks and general (to specific) information about life with the iPhone. A great resource for available iPhone applications, accessories (including new case designs) and general information. Take a peek!