SugarGlider Babies Out of Pouch!

Tiny Joey crawls back into Sugar Glider pouch My sugar glider, Trinity, now has two new babies that just ventured out of the pouch this weekend. I’ve not handled the babies, so I don’t know if we have baby girls or baby boys yet.

What I do know is that I now officially have TOO MANY sugar gliders. I’ve decided to sell all the sugar glider babies that are old enough and keep only the original gliders — but keeping the boy and the two girls apart! (At least until the reproduction fairy can visit someone else for awhile!)

Most people have trouble getting the babies to do well, but not us!

If you have ever wanted hand-tamed, sweet-tempered and well-fed gliders, you should give me a call. I’ll be putting the older babies up for sale this week. It will be several weeks before the new babies can be placed, but the older ones are ready now — both boys and girls.

I never intended to become a breeder, but I guess the sugar glider food recipe I developed and use is doing a FINE job of keeping our babies frisky, healthy and reproducing! *sigh*

It’s hard to get a brand new mommy to let you see her pouch, but here are a few shots I did manage to capture today:

Mommy checking on the babies as they nurse and crawl back into the pouch

Mommy checks on glider babies in the pouch

Tiny one trying to get back inside the pouch (notice the tiny little pink foot?)

Sugar Glider Baby in Pouch

Sorry the photos aren’t a little more clear, but trying to balance mommy on one hand and peek up under her belly toward the pouch while juggling the iPhone with the other hand and taking pictures with a single clumsy finger was not my finest hour!