Five Fantastic Friday Finds

WickedBlog’s Fantastic Friday Finds Logo Like the Slick Saturday Sites, this will be a semi-regular entry on Fridays to sum up the wonderful things I’ve found on the web. I may run these thematically in the future as well, because I usually find really cool things of a similar type when researching a particular topic.

But I must admit that some of the BEST finds are totally serendipitous — so you may get them in that unrelated “wow” format just as I find them. I don’t promise to be orderly, merely to bring you some of the coolness that has rocked my world.

This will provide me a platform so I don’t feel the need to stop what I’m doing and write an entire post about each item. I can grab the basic information and file it for Friday’s post and keep on working! – A new social media site (still in Beta) where you can “show” your friends, family, website visitors, stalkers, etc… what’s on your physical bookshelf, via virtual images. Cool concept. (I’d like it better if the poster [the “Shelfarian”] could collect the $ from any Amazon purchases made of the books listed on their shelves). – An online (free) site to help you learn rote information. Better than Flash Cards and cooler than any of the similar downloadable versions I’ve tested. I’m currently using it for my daughter to learn her multiplication tables (State capitols are next!), but they would also be great for learning other languages and just keeping your memory muscles strong. (Great to add your custom content at home and review on the road with my iPhone!) – A beta version of a clean-cut people (name based) search engine. explores the deep web and helps you to keep up with not only where you ARE on the web, but where you have been listed before. I found references I didn’t know I had and a few I’d forgotten. I also found out that there are several criminals in my state with my name (although with different middle names, thank goodness!). I’m adding it to my iPhone for those quick searches when I need to reach someone and don’t have their contact info with me. – get a quick snippet of code from this site to watch the live comings and goings of your website traffic – limited to ten entries to keep your site tidy. The javascript powered web widget that “draws itself” after your web page is rendered, so it won’t slow down your load time. It’s free to use and they don’t even require registration to grab it. It will also show where they came from (what site as well as what country/region) and where they go when they leave your site. – An online outliner program. This web-based product is also iPhone friendly. It’s a fast, intuitive way to share brainstorming sessions with others. Recently released, it has one hold-back — You have to register (not once, but for every outline). That will slow down my use, but it may not bother others.