Want an iPhone Discount? You Still Have to Pay


If you are salivating over the thought of an iPhone and would welcome a discount, you may want to consider a “refurbished” model.

Why? Well, it costs $100 less from the start (for either the 4 gig or the 8 gig model), you can still get the extended warranty (if desired), and you don’t have to sell your soul to AT&T for two years to get a working iPhone. Actually, after trading emails with a manager at AT&T you still DO have to sell your soul and accept that two year contract.

From an email with that manager, delivered this morning:

“At this time our Methods and Procedures department is saying even if the I Phone is refurbished it still going to be a new 2 year contract.”

You know, with any other phone I’ve ever had — including my Treo phones — I bought them elsewhere and simply replaced my hardware and sim card. It seems amazing to me that you are required to enslave yourself to a two-year contract with AT&T when buying the hardware outright and elsewhere. Bahhh!

Personally, I find that dispicable. And the fact that the Apple folks and the AT&T folks tried to play the old “go ask your mom, go ask your dad” thing with me by phone — neither side wanting to give me an answer — also bugs me. But there you have it.
(Please do note that the $20 unlimited internet option will still be required to access email, Internet, YouTube, and the rest of the iPhone data services.)

Visit the apple store if you are still interested in learning more about the refurbished iPhones for sale, despite the 2-year required contract.

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