Ways to Give So it Matters

Lending a Hand Today, I’m feeling like counting my blessings, and I’m dragging you, fair reader, along for this trip. I’ve assembled some great-looking opportunities to give back to your community, your world. It’s a feel-good thing and I think you will like what I’ve found!

There’s a philanthropic pursuit for every taste here today! (And the holidays are just around the corner… so you COULD start doing something to feel good about this year during the seasons of thanks and giving.)

Kiva.org – Become a banker for entrepreneurial individuals in undeveloped countries. For as little as $25 you can help someone begin making their dreams come true. Visit the site to learn more.

eBay’s Giving Works – Sure, you want to clean out that closet or that garage before cool weather hits… but wouldn’t you like the impact of your efforts to be greater than a few bucks at a yard sale? How about selling on eBay for charity? (Missionfish’s Marketing Coordinator contacted me last year about possibly writing a blurb for this service, and I’m finally getting around to it.) I wanted to get a handful of worthy causes before featuring a single one — and besides, it got put on my “to do later” list where it became stale. While preparing this post, I also noticed that the Friends of the Lexington (KY) Public Library is one of the sellers! (Must be a sign!)

Hospice – I’ve always been a firm believer in improving the quality of end of life, but this belief became even stronger when I was coordinating the Central Kentucky Cancer Program at EMRMC several years ago. I saw the great work that hospice does with palliative care. This organization does work that matters, when help matters most for the individual and the family. They help to provide dignity when hope for a cure is gone.

Habitat for Humanity – Many of my clients (real estate agents/brokers) are involved or have been involved with Habitat. I support them locally by donating to and purchasing from the local Habitat Restores. This is an organization I can support without hesitation. Maybe you can too? They accept cash donations, furnishings/building materials, and your time, so your gift can be based on your capacity to give and your personal resources — money, “stuff” or time!

Give Locally – Visit The Community Giving Resource to get some ideas. Find a local organization that you like and give your time and/or money to them. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, consider partnering with a complimentary organization. (Giving can make you feel good and can help you to reach your desired business audience at the same time.) If you own an artist supply shop, for instance, you may want to consider donating to a local museum or an art club. Run a gym? Consider supporting a local youth sports team or a competitive event/race/triathlon. Own a sporting goods store? Consider supporting the boy/girl scouts or a camping club. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s where your heart is.

Years ago, I was involved in fundraising and my “giving” bone was nurtured. Now, I choose carefully, but I love the new opportunities that are available online. However… You should always research any organization before giving to them.

Happy Giving!

(Note: Image taken from Morguefile.com courtesy of photographer jadazie.)