A Serious Caffeine Addiction

picture-001.jpg I’m an addict, I admit it. And, until last night, I’d been off caffeine for nearly two weeks. Then, while picking up a new computer mouse to replace the one I’ve killed, I saw Bawls brand caffeinated candies.

I love Bawls soda. It’s like a all-over body rush. So, I had to buy the candies in addition to my new mouse.

After I checked out, I saw a whole pyramid of CASES of Bawls soda. Now, these sodas are seriously expensive, so I controlled myself. But apparently others don’t exert such amazing self-control.

Wayne laughed and said that the reason they sell those in CompUSA is that geeks resent sleep. He’s always told me that it was weird that I hate the fact that I do, occasionally, have to sleep. (He’s right on both counts)

Upon closer investigation, I realized that my sleep deprivation and drug-of-choice combo was not unique. And some people may just need a financing plan to support the habit. (Click on photo –twice –to enlarge the “fine print”)

Photo taken (of course) with my iPhone.