Seven is Supposed to be Lucky?!?

Lucky number 7 Ok, so here it is, the “lucky” year, 2007. And I must admit, my usual sunny persona aside (more like temporarily — and brutally — stuffed in a closet), this year sucks. It just does.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a year that was worse, personally, and I’ve had some doozies. Sounds dramatic, I know. I’m not into the drama scene — but it keeps finding me lately.

I’ve noticed that I’m not alone. So many people I know are having a lousy year and, in this particular case, misery definitely does NOT love company.

And the cause… who knows? Cosmic rays? Dissolution of the social structure? Bad karma? Mid-life crisis? Heck, I dunno. But I can only hope that since the year is over half gone, that the drag will ease up and things will get better. Slowly, but surely, it will improve.

It has to. It must. I believe that every new year is a fresh start. As tacky as that is, I like the thought. It comforts me and I’ll take any comfort I can get because today, I’m not picky.

Ironically, this year is pretty amazing professionally. I just can’t believe how different the two sides of my life are. Many people are having issues with the economy that are dealing them lousy career hands. At least I don’t have that problem… at least not at the moment. Maybe next year, both professional and personal portions of my world will be on the upswing. Wouldn’t THAT be special?

Is anyone else out there having a particularly lousy (or a particularly good) year in one aspect or in all aspects of your life?

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