My Sister-In-Law’s New Manicure

Yep, this one is a real photo, brought to you by the wonders of cell-phone cameras in emergency rooms. (Click “read more” to see it, so I don’t offend casual readers.) My brother-in-law, sensitive man that he is, sent this over tonight with the headline “*Sister-In-Law’s Name*’s New Manicure.”

Apparently, from the third-hand story I got, they were shooting a 50 caliber revolver… I didn’t even know those existed. I was always overly impressed with my .357! But, alas, they do exist. And, as proven by this photo, they aren’t safe. When she fired, apparently part of the blast came out the side and took off the end of her thumb.

Thumbs up I think it’s simply horrifying, but she and hubby both seem to be quite calm about it. This photo is being sent around the family and it was just too bizarre not to share. So if you have ever considered such a gun, you may want to reconsider, eh?

Here’s wishing you a quick recovery, Sis-in-law!

Gee, and wasn’t I just whining about my horrible year? Now I feel guilty.