Where Pen, Paper and ‘Puters Play Nice

I’ve always had difficulty with my two polar opposite sides — the side that loves a good pen and quality paper, and the other side that adores all things techie. The only thing that marries the two in me is sharing the same goal: Effective Communication.

Now, I find a new (upcoming) product called LiveScribe that just may be the answer. It may be just another jaunt down a technology rabbit hole, but it appears to have promise.

It not only records your writing, but also the audio of the situation. Sounds perfect for conferences, college classes and the like — IF the audio is high enough quality and the memory space is enough that the pen doesn’t fall into “overflow” shutdown at a critical moment.

Personally, I’m quite interested in learning more about this new product on the horizon (due to be released Q4 of this year). The only problem? It won’t use my beautiful fountain pen to do the writing and that’s a shame!