Slick Saturday Sites: Heavy Hitters

Slick Saturday Sites Logo By I’ve decided to start sharing some of the cool blog sites I find during the week. I find great blogs all the time, and I keep MEANING to share, but I usually just subscribe to the RSS or bookmark them in my “Excellent Blogs” folder on Firefox and get back to work.

Later, I may get organized into “theme” blogs for my Saturday posts. For now, they are coming at you all pell-mell because I can’t be bothered with organization today (it’s Saturday for goodness’ sake).

Starting today, I share!

First a not-so-heavy hitter that’s a recent find and “spoke” to me on a personal level when I found it:

One Good Thing – (update 4/2011 – this blog is no longer active) I actually found this blog when referred by another (not nearly as cool) blog on the topic of the American working poor. Aside from that, the following quote really resonated with me (being a mother) and kept me reading the post:

“And instead of having a week alone, I had a week off work with two stir-crazy, pox-covered children.

Sometimes I just want to beat my head against a brick wall until I lose consciousness. Maybe I can get a vacation that way.”

And now the Heavy Hitting Sites… a few that you SHOULD know if you don’t already:

Lorelle On WordPress – This is like a WordPress Bible to me. I’ve been reading her stuff ages before I even switched over to WordPress. She’s well-versed, researched and tested on what she recommends and she keeps it light. Ya gotta love it! If you are using WordPress now (or plan to at any point in the future) and you aren’t reading Lorelle… Shame on you!

LifeHacker – I admit it, I get so distracted on this site that I must avoid it if I’m having a busy day. It’s the definition of a sticky site. It’s a technology (and lifestyle) tarbaby that grabs you when you touch it and holds you hostage. (Of course you will love your captor!) If you are human, simply living your daily life… will give you tips on doing it better.

43 Folders – Personal productivity website that tends toward the techie side. It offers tutorials, reviews and hacks (for technology and life) by Merlin Mann and a few good guest posters. The site has been slated for a major overhaul this summer, and the approach may change. Go check it out. – Trying to stay abreast of the useful portion of Web 2.0 approaches? Try this social networking news site. Great stuff and a wonderful place to get lost while trying to stay on top of what’s techie and what’s cool and (of course) what’s new in the world-wide-web. It’s a big www, let Mashable help skim the cream for you.

JKOnTheRun – This site (update 4/2011 – this site now redirects to’s mobile category) is for anyone who is, or wants to become mobile. With a tagline like theirs, “Using Mobile Devices since they weighed 30 pounds” — I can REALLY relate. If you have questions about the latest mobile hardware and the software to make it sing, this is your garden of eden. [Now pick a pomegranate, relax and rest assured there are no serpents here — just lots of helpful tips and tricks.] – On the opposite end of the spectrum is this once low-tech site (which has become much more “high tech” since I found it a few years ago). It helps me realize I’m not the only person that loves cutting edge digital/virtual technology and fountain pens with handmade paper at the same time. It also helps me realize that there are ways to organize such a diverse personality. I’ve highlighted this site in the past, but it’s worth a second pass. As a paper and pencil lover, I adore the approaches here to hacking a moleskine, putting a paper PDA in your hip pocket and getting back to the basics of a writer’s life. On the other hand, I love the “how to organize your digital life” articles too. Note: The site is for everyone, not just writers.