Dreaming of Travel

Travel in Kentucky - Airplane in sky above horse This morning, I’m having a hard time staying focused. I’m headed out in December for a Cruise and that’s really prompted my travel bone to ache with desire.

It hasn’t helped that my mother recently gave me information on SkyBus.com. (Update 4/2011: this site is no longer live.)

I’ve been cruising the $10 flights (No, I’m not kidding) and wondering if I cared that I’d have to re-arrange my life to take a three day jaunt to Boston, or that for only $50 each way, I could plan my first visit to Canada (Vancouver).

I want to find a charming little B&B and just “escape” for a few days. I’m feeling escapist lately. I’ve reached that age… the one my Mother and I discussed this morning… when a woman wants to gather experience rather than possessions.

In truth, I’ve been here for several decades. I’m not a collector, really. The few things I really do like are mostly small (with the exceptions of 25 acres in Casey County, KY). Few possessions to push along in front of me (or drag behind me) and much more open space and the freedom to explore, to experience, to be.

I think I could fit all the objects I really cherish into a medium to large footlocker. That wasn’t true a few years ago when books were only available in paperback and hard-bound versions. Now I have a whole library on my Tablet PC and access to a world of literature online.

My values are shifting even more dramatically toward experiences and travel — with the farm to come home to, of course, because one of the best parts of travel is re-appreciating where you live, right?

The next few months are going to be interesting for me. So many changes, so many new freedoms, a complete new perspective on my life as the youngest son heads to college and I head back to the farm. It’s a brave new world. And, for $10 a ticket, I’ll probably see much more of it now!

(Note: Image taken from Morguefile.com courtesy of photographer o0o0xmods0o0o.)