Items for my iPhone wishlist

apple to illustrate iphone blog I’ve already posted a few things I wish I had on the iPhone. Today, I sent those, along with the new list (below) to, in the hopes that they would listen up.

I love my iPhone, I really do — and just a few software tweaks would make it so much better. So I took the time…

I would like to be able to go back and forth on podcasts and audiobooks. Some of my audiobooks are several hours long and although I can go back or forward by chapters (in audio books) I don’t want to have to repeat an hour of playtime to catch just a few words.

I’d like to be able to delete audio books and podcasts in the same way I can delete videos on the fly without iTunes.

I would also like to be able to mass delete emails — when I get 50-75 emails per day on my iPhone (when I’m out for just a few hours), I don’t want to have to delete each one individually — it takes forever.

Additionally, I would like to be able to play all my music videos (and shuffle them) like I could on my iPod. Now, I have to select each one individually to see videos.

I’d also like to be able to view video content in portrait, so that when my iPhone is charging on the “block” — I can watch it. (Sure I won’t be able to enjoy the “big screen” that way, but I could at least watch without getting a crick in my neck).

(Note: Image taken from courtesy of photographer hotblack.)