My Wicked T-Shirt for 2007

Wicked Tee for Me Every year, I buy a t-shirt. Usually it’s closer to October than this (but you know how the retailers keep pulling the holiday merchandise onto the shelves earlier each year). I always get a “Wicked” or “Witch” themed one around Halloween…

Not an expensive one, just a cute one. I’ve had to retire a few — they got too big (yipee!), too small (dang it!) or too worn — but I still have a couple that I really like and wear all the time. One says “Wicked… if the hat fits” one says “Wicked Witch” and one of my favorites that I no longer have said “Don’t make me get my flying monkeys!” — only real witch-theme lovers or Wizard of Oz fans ever got that one. It amused me.

Monday, while school shopping for the kids, I found this year’s finest (see photo). I bought it in spite of the color. Olive green and brown are great for me, even black works… but this particular color of green? … I’m not so sure. But the design was so cool, I couldn’t resist. It looks like a design I’d do myself!

Of course this October actually marks the FIFTH year of (I can hardly believe that myself!) — so I may splurge on another t-shirt or two!