Bush Hogging Sure Makes a Difference!

img_5059.JPG After

Before After

I’m quite excited about the changes at the farm. We have managed to beat back the wildness a bit with the help of my favorite bushhog operator. The weeds are at bay and my little “bowl” nestled in the tops of my favorite Kentucky knobs is now visibly neater and more readily enjoyed.

The chimes on my tiny office building even get enough wind now that they chime!

Alex and I were there this weekend, piddling with some chores when the bush hogging started. At first, she was worried, “I don’t like him cutting down our wildness, Mommy. It’s going to look like a city instead of like our farm!” Of course, by the time he was finished she was enamored with the change and I was feeling like hugging myself. It was mine again. It was retaken from the weeds and brambles and saw-briars and lack of love.

Alex gasp when she saw the finished product. “It’s beautiful, Mommy!” And I must agree. Now, I just need to get rid of the trailer, finish up the plumbing in the cabin, and do a bit more drywall and painting and it will be ready to move in!

I, honestly, can’t wait.

My neighbor is going to prosecute the individuals who tore down our gate. I hope that doesn’t encourage more damage on the farm. I’ve had enough of “fixing” and redoing before I can even get back to living there.

Once the graveling of my nearly one-mile long road is complete, I’ll pull and lock my chain — and when I have a way to haul water to set the fence post, I’ll get that done and establish a gate. The neighbor will be putting up another shared gate.

So, there will be two gates before you can get back to my farm. I think that will probably be enough, since most vandals are also lazy. I think if they have to WALK a mile to do damage, it may not be worth the trouble.

I can hope.