The Children are Ready to Begin School

school bus Both the children are finally registered in their respective new schools. Byron was overwhelmed by the size of his new school — over 2200 students! That’s quite a few more (by over four times) than his old school.

Alex, who plans to go by the name “Zandria” in her new school (for some reason only known to emotional almost-ten-year-olds) is anxious to begin school on Monday.

I put off school shopping for as long as humanly possible, but managed to get it all done between Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening. We already had Byron ready to go at another high school here in Lexington, but the second move this summer mandated a school change for both children. At least I didn’t have Alex already registered.

I think I’m looking forward to having the children in school. I know that sounds horrid. (Bad Mommy!) But, this summer has been hellish and I think a good routine with some time to work quietly without constant interruptions will help my current level of sanity (or lack of sanity).

My eldest begins college at Morehead in just a few more days and the younger two begin school on Monday. Byron works this weekend, so he won’t be going to the cabin, but Alex has one more weekend to run wild on the farm before settling into school.

With temperatures climbing to over 101 here, there are several reasons I’m looking forward to Fall this year. I hope it will bring me the ability to enjoy a more calm, cool, collected existence. (A girl can dream, can’t she?!?)

(Note: Image taken from courtesy of photographer manuere.)