Sitting on the Front Porch Swing

alex-on-the-swing.JPG This weekend, in addition to digging a hole (for one side of the new gate that I’m putting in — in the rockiest, most root-infested earth known to man), I also cleaned the construction supplies off the front porch and made the place much more pleasant.

This photo of Alex sitting on the porch swing on the farm was taken with my iPhone. Not bad, eh? Click to see the full-sized image.
It was a beautiful, albeit hot as the blazes this weekend. The swing is now the right height and has springs at the top for a comfortable rest and relaxation period (if you can bear the heat).

Early mornings and late evening is the best time to enjoy the porch.

I also got all my measurements in the cabin to start buying the trim work and the flooring and the finishing touches for the cabin. We still have to do the plumbing and a little bit on the electric, but it’s coming together.

I’ll be happy when there is running water inside the house. The weekends will be more pleasant, cooler and a bit less stinky while we work then. We do have the exhaust fan working which “whishes” out the hot air by harvesting the cooler evening air. I also bought a small air conditioning unit to make the late evenings a bit more bearable (between the cool air trapped from the early morning getting hot and the air outside getting cool enough to drag in again.)

There wasn’t a great deal of progress this weekend, but there was some progress and slow, steady progress works for me. I also had the joy of being on the farm for three full days… and that is the best possible medicine for anything that ails me. Always.