Spent The Weekend at The Farm

I just returned from a weekend at the farm with the kids. We managed to cover up all the graffiti on the building (although it’s going to require completely repainting the building to hide it completely).

I also talked with the man that does all my dozing and heavy work. He’s going to go bushhog the place for me this week and will do the annual work on the road (which is past due).

My friends came down hauling a new gate for us to install, but the ground was too rocky and root-filled where I want it to go, so it’s going to require a motorized auger.  So, that will probably be next weekend.

I’m headed back down on Wednesday and I hope to pull the electric line out of the old dwelling and remove the pressure tank. It will just be a day-trip since I have an onsite appointment on Thursday with a client out of town.

In the near future, I’ll have to install guttering on the cabin to avoid some of the dampness we are seeing in the crawl space.

I also got a few measurements so I can keep my eyes out for good deals on flooring and detail/trim work for finishing the cabin out.

I had better sleep this weekend than I’ve had in weeks. Even before bedtime, I felt myself de-stressing. Out on the porch swing, with all the lights off (so I couldn’t see all the stuff I still had to do), I was able to swing a little, listen to the frogs and the crickets and hear the rain hitting all around. It smells so good there! (Especially when it rains.)

I was afraid this weekend would be depressing with all that there is to actually do. The reality was, I’ll plan to spend all my weekends there for awhile. I need the break and I need the lack of stress — and I need to make a little progress on the farm.

Alex loved it (and was covered from head to toe in dirt from the creek and the clubhouse she’s building). Zoe (my dog) has become a lazy, soft, city dog. She ran around, but then returned to the porch to lick and nurse her bright pink paws. She used to have tough feet, but like me, she’s gotten soft in her old age. Byron enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

I’m looking forward to my next trip down south.