A Long Day

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged. That’s unlike me, but I’ve been struggling to catch up on so many things. I finally took some time off to breathe a bit…

I went to check on my farm yesterday. I needed the break from work. I needed to see the farm again. I needed to be refreshed and rejuvenated from a long, difficult few weeks.

When I arrived, I noticed the gate was missing. This gate, shared by my neighbor and me, was taken off the hinges and had been stolen. What kind of people steal gates?

As I raced back to the farm, worried about what I might find, I hoped for the best.

The cabin I’m building was ok, but the storage building had graffiti all over it. Unseemly stuff that made me require that my 9-year-old not look at our storage shed. Nothing had been taken that I could tell, but it bothered me on an elemental level.

I can fix this with a coat of paint. It’s not huge.

But what about next time? What will happen to the cabin, to all my work, to the representation of the work of my life, if it remains un-tended? Suddenly I feel that if I don’t get back to the farm right away, I’ll have nothing left to return to there.

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