Twitter and Yahoo IM: Quick Communications on the iPhone

Megaphone Image to illustrate broadcasting communication with IM and TwitterI finally signed up for Twitter. I’ll be investigating several options for ways to incorporate that type of “quick update” here on WickedBlog for those times when I’ve got a quick little something to say and I’m out and about with the iPhone.

I’m testing two iPhone Twitter options now:

At first blush, I prefer the version — simply because the interface offers buttons that are a bit larger and easier to press with a finger and it’s black. I like black. I despise the color blue. I know… that makes me un-American. Whatever.

PocketTweets offers an archive option I don’t see on Hahlo — but it’s a BLUE interface, and it also advertises itself on every one of my tweets. So, until such time as I decide that I need functions that Hahlo doesn’t offer (and I can’t imagine when that would be), I’ll stick with Hahlo.

I’ve also missed having access to an IM product (something I used alot with my Treo devices).

So far, it looks pretty sweet — but it’s late and everyone I know is already in bed… so I’ll be trying it out tomorrow to make sure there aren’t any snags.

(Note: Image taken from courtesy of photographer xenia.)