Life is Easy When You are Nine

The girl, the iPod and bed-head We have been teasing Alexzandria for some time about being the only one in the family that doesn’t have an iPod. She noted that fact first, mind you, we just hammered on it a bit.

For quite some time I have known she would be getting an iPod the first time one of our existing ones was replaced with the next generation.

She had no clue, however.

I held onto my 60 gig for a bit after getting my iPhone… and then I finally released my death-grip.

That happened on Sunday evening when I handed over my own iPod to my hubby (who had been coveting it for some time). He, in turn, gave me his 30 gig so I could wipe it and rename it and get it ready for Alex.

It took several hours to go through and get all the info that would be most important to her uploaded. The educational podcasts, the complete Disney music collection, and the MP3 versions of her music CDs (the kiddie ones) and her favorite songs and music videos and (of course) a couple of her favorite movies. We completed that project on Monday and gave it to her on Monday evening.

She was thrilled, to say the least.

She had mentioned after the move that the only things she really wanted in the entire world was a bird (to replace the sickly one that didn’t make it when we moved into the first house in Lexington) and an iPod. Even after much consideration she couldn’t come up with anything else she wanted, other than maybe a few more furnishings for her doll house.

I must say, I wonder what it would have been like to have such things when I was that age. Yeah, I probably spoil my kids… ok, I KNOW I spoil them. But they are well-behaved and respectful individuals (for the most part) and I have no issue with confiscating what isn’t properly handled — items or privileges, as needed.

I didn’t give her earphones to go with it. They scare me for children. I believe that my eldest actually damaged his hearing with earphones — I spent much of the time during his later teen years fussing at him to turn them down when I could hear the music from across the room through his earphone buds — and I won’t have that happen again. If he had been living with me at the time, I would have taken them from him.

Alex doesn’t care that she has no earphones. She has a boombox bag (a purse with a built-in speaker set for on the go) and an iHome to charge it while she watches it at home.

I know that it’s quite a piece of equipment for a nine year old, but (as her eldest brother reminded me) everyone said I was nuts to buy a Gameboy for a four year old back when I bought that for him — and that was when they were first released. He kept that Gameboy for years and took excellent care of it. He may have abused MY stuff, his own stuff … and other things around the house… but he took excellent care of that game system.

Children take care of what matters to them. Alex has streamlined her belongings considerably during the last two moves. She’s pared down to the essentials and those things that are really special to her and I feel confident that she will care for and enjoy her new iPod.

But, only time will tell for sure.