More Excellent (and Free) iPod Video Content

235646.jpg VintageToonCast – the best of the old cartoons – think Bugs Bunny and the Airplane Gremlins — here for free. So you think that today’s cartoons are violent, not calm and sweet like the ones we grew up with? Think again. A fresh look at the old classics may make you rethink your stance. Or, it may make you show them to your kids (like I did) :O) Get it direct or get it on iTunes.

nav-bar-nsnlogo-top-0509.gif Nova Podcasts – Great science content. Appealing to students and adults. Available on iTunes and other formats.

Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth – (Update 4/2011: link no longer functional) Feature-Length (over 20 minutes each) episodes brought to you by the American Society for MicroBiology. Cool stuff Adults and kids alike. (Available on iTunes).