Moving Sucks (in Stereo — and at Full Volume)

Sucking thumb for comfort I’ve now moved for the second time in as many months. Not just a few things, mind you, but my entire household. I’ve learned a few things:

  • You fill the space you have — even if you only have it for a short time
  • Children have way more “stuff” than you think (times three or four)
  • People don’t understand when you move you are certifiable — and probably should be locked up for your own safety and the safety of others
  • Trying to tell people how they can help is often more difficult than doing it alone
  • Making decisions is the third item on my “Things I Hate” list, immediately after landlords that lie and moving
  • I’m not intended to be a renter: I’m too old, too set in my ways and too worried about things being delivered when I pay for them (besides, paying for substandard stuff makes me crazy when I have a farm that’s not substandard and is already mine)
  • What I really want to do is have a HUGE yard sale, pack the essentials in Serenity and hit the road… enough of this already!

I’ve also learned that no matter how “technologically advanced” you may consider yourself, all that comes to a screeching halt when the phone company can’t get you DSL for 12 days…and this is in the middle of Lexington, Kentucky!

And the most important thing I’ve learned? No amount of exhaustion is enough to cancel stress to the point that a good sleep can be had.

Now, until the 18th, I’m offline. I waiting (impatiently) for my DSL to be hooked up. In the meantime, I’m working on projects that don’t require an Internet connection, traveling to use Internet here and there, and limping along with the email on my iPhone and some light surfing when I need something (also on my iPhone). *sigh*

When life returns to ‘normal’ — (whatever that is) — I’m sure I’ll find peace and happiness. But at this moment, I want SERENITY NOW!