Thunderbird, Lightning and Google Calendar Sync for iPhone

Calendar graphic I wanted to be sure I could take my calendar information with me on my iPhone. Since I’m not a Microsoft Outlook user anymore, I had to find another way to sync up my information.

Recently, the latest calendar plug-in for Thunderbird (Lightning) was released and after the upgrade, I also added this Thunderbird plugin to allow bi-directional updates to Google Calendar directly from my Lightning calendar.

I did have to update my Thunderbird to make it work with the new plugin…so I was a bit behind the times. Here’s a quick video tutorial for how to make it all work:

I just got mine up and running. I’ll probably tweak it a bit.

If you are using another iCal application, you can check into using GCALDaemon to sync between Google Calendar and any other iCal format program — and you, too, can begin enjoying access to your calendar on your shiny new iPhone!

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