Things I’d Like to See on the iPhone… But Don’t

camsunsetlake_copy.jpg There are a few things missing on this little baby…

Portrait option on playing movies and video content – when it’s in the little stand on my desk, I’d like to see Pink singing upright – even if that means I don’t get the benefit of the larger, amazing screen.

The ability to launch the little keyboard – so I can type where I like (even if the iPhone doesn’t recognize my ability to do so). Kind of like an Apple override button, assuming I know more about what I want than the phone does (can you tell this frustrates me?).

The ability to scroll in a form box on a website – so I can blog and fill out and edit forms on my iPhone.

The ability to text and email in landscape – let’s face it, the keyboard thingee is just cool, but it’s even cooler when larger — and turning it on the side offers that… but I can’t do it in email or text modes.

3G Network – for faster download speeds, and the ability to use it as a modem for my Tablet PC. I don’t want to have a cellphone aircard and a phone with a data plan. I want to use the iPhone for both.

Useful Attachments – The ability to upload attachments for email from my computer using wifi or bluetooth so I can email them from my iPhone.

Overall, I’m still loving this little thing. My hubby came up tonight while I was working and listening to music (I have my speaker system plugged into the little white charger base) and I was *** ahem *** rocking out. He said, “Oh, wow, is that your PHONE?” — which of course made me smile like the Cheshire cat and nod with a certain air of superiority only granted when you have a really cool tech toy and are a geek. :O)

(Note: Photo by Anita Patterson – isn’t it beautiful?)

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